Gerald Jordan, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University, the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, and the Strategies for Patient Oriented Research National Training Entity. He is committed to social justice and motivated to shift the overwhelmingly pessimistic narrative of research on, and care for, mental health and substance use problems towards a greater recognition and understanding of the potential for recovery, particularly among youth, who are just beginning to chart important life trajectories (e.g., in work, school, relationships, etc.) and for whom hope is critically important.

Gerald’s program of research examines the ways people transform their lives and communities after experiencing a mental health challenge, and how such transformations are shaped by community-based mental health services and citizenship-based inequities. He is currently funded by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategies for Patient Oriented Research award to examine how youth who experience madness, distress and extreme states define and experience citizenship.

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